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Modern Toilet – The New Bidet

The Evolution of the Bidet

The bidet is a personal cleansing device, which uses water jets instead of toilet paper for cleansing after using the toilet.

The bidet, originated in France in the 18th century, is very common in Japan, Europe, in the Middle East and some parts of South America. It is the preferred method of cleaning after using the restroom. Throughout its history, the bidet was unit resembling the toilet, installed next to the toilet.

New electronic toilet seats convert existing toilets into modern bidets. It provides a new experience: a heated seat, cleansing with water spray, and air dry.

Benefits of Washing versus Wiping Using Toilet Paper
» more hygienic, reduces the chance of spreading bacteria
» pleasant experience, aside from providing a clean
» benefits those with certain medical conditions, such as hemorrhoids
» benefits seniors and handicapped persons
» is eco-friendly; saves paper and flushable moist tissues

The electronic seats are mostly made for elongated toilets.
The seats require power from a GFI close to the toilet and seat.
They unit also needs to connect to the water supply. Some have the option to connect to both the cold and warm water supply.
Some offer heated seats.
There are also very simple bidet seat attachments, which use directly cold water to the wand. Those do not require power connection.

General features: frontal wash water jets, rear wash water jets, gentle air jet, anti-bacterial nozzles and seat, self cleaning nozzles, adjustable water pressure, adjustable water temperature, adjustable position, adjustable water pulsation, temperature controlled heated seat, slow closing toilet seat and cover, water purifier, air deodorizer, power save mode, remote control.

Types of Modern Bidet Seats

Electronic/Electric Bidet Seats

» Electric bidet seats are more expensive; however, they come with numerous features.
» They have two anti-bacterial nozzles and seats, the two nozzles are designed for frontal and rear wash, and have controllable water jets pressure, with pulsating feature and temperature control. The seats are temperature controlled; the seat and cover are slow closing.
» Electric bidet seats are self cleaning, they have a water purifier, air deodorizer.
» Many of them have a power save mode, and remote controls.

Non-Electric Bidet Seats
» Non-electric bidet seats are less expensive than electric bidets. They require less maintenance.
» The non-electric bidet seats connect to the water pipe and use controls to increase/decrease water pressure.
» They can be connected to both cold and warm water, in which case temperature control is offered.
» They also come with one or two nozzled.

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